Investment Management & Portfolio Management

The Targeted Portfolio Solutions (TPS) program provides a comprehensive framework for investors.

TPS provides a professionally managed multi-strategy investment program. TPS may include Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds (open end and closed end), Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and Business Development Companies (BDCs). TPS brings together in a single portfolio, multiple asset classes, investment strategies and investment managers, each within their own niche target of expertise. Investment options are top tier and low cost, because the TPS platform provides access to many institutional type shares.

Multi-strategy portfolios offer multiple sources of potential return and improve the risk-reward profile relative to less diversified approaches. From the investment policy statement based on each client's unique financial profile, an investment plan model is developed for every client account. Then, an investment portfolio is crafted based on the client's investment plan model. By having an investment plan model for every client's investment portfolio, every managed account can be systematically monitored for misalignment with the target allocations of the investment plan model. Periodically, and as conditions warrant, investment portfolios are rebalanced to maintain them within acceptable course limits of the investment plan model. Also, client portfolios are monitored to track with client goals as the markets evolve.

Targeted Portfolio Solutions Summary


TPS utilizes multiple asset classes, strategies and managers.

Goal-Based Asset Allocation

The TPS model offers seven different risk classes and fourteen different sub-asset classes upon which to build a custom portfolio that is derived from investment objectives, risk tolerance and tax situations.

Multi-Manager & Non-correlated Market Portfolio Construction

TPS utilizes multiple, niche target managers to provide multiple sources of return, along with non-correlated/alternative assets to diminish risk and market volatility.

Manager Monitoring & Risk Management

The evolving risk characteristics of managers and sub-asset classes are monitored on an ongoing basis and adjusted as necessary to maintain alignment within the targeted risk class, selection criteria and investment objectives.

Disciplined Rebalancing

TPS portfolios are monitored for misalignment with target allocations and periodically rebalanced as conditions warrant to maintain portfolios within acceptable course limits.

Tax-Aware Implementation

TPS recognizes the important differences in tax treatment between portfolios held in taxable accounts versus those that are held in tax-deferred/exempt accounts. TPS incorporates tax treatment into portfolio construction and periodic rebalancing.




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